Welcome to Grand River Optometry’s new home on the web! During the unexpected break that arrived in 2020 we decided to give our webpage a much-needed facelift. In conjunction with Levi and the design team at Clear View Agencies we have updated and modernized our look. Thank you Levi!

In addition to the exciting new look, our website now has more information about our services and a new page with information on some of the most common eye conditions.    The site is more versatile and designed so that we can continually provide you with more information.

Please come back regularly to check out our blog page, which will be updated to provide you with the latest details of what’s new at Grand River Optometry.   We will highlight new technologies, innovative treatments and effective products that will help you maintain your eyesight.    We are continually looking for ways to improve our services and look forward to sharing the results of our investigation with you.

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