Blepharitis is one of the most common eye conditions seen in our practice. Patients complain of itchy eyes, crusts along their eyelashes, sensitivity to light or blurred vision that improves with blinking. Under the microscope we notice inflammation along the eyelids and blockage of the oil glands that serve to lubricate the eyes.

A new product available at our office can help in the control of blepharitis. Hypochlorous acid is an all-natural solution that reduces the load of bacteria that live on our skin and along our eyelashes. It is a gentle cleanser that after killing microorganisms like bacteria and demodex, turns into water and oxygen! It is much less likely to cause the skin irritation that is associated with other cleansers and scrubs.   

We Love Eyes, is an all natural spray that cleanses the eyelids and eyelashes and helps improve the appearance of the eyelids.   Spray one or two pumps onto a clean cotton pad and rub gently along the eyelashes.    It works well in combination with hot compresses and with lid wipes for those with significant debris that needs to be removed.

We Love Eyes is now available for purchase, along with a wide range of eye care products including ocular vitamins, eyedrops and lid care products.

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